My approach is clear: Because you become a better storyteller. You post less, but you post the truth. Your truth. Your unique story. You slow down to listen to it. You get your energy from it and your voice is so strong when you share it, that the frequency does not matter. 
Since a long time ago I feel the pressure that social networking is putting on us, simple mortals. Creative people with a small business, passionate about our product or service. This is the pressure to show up constantly and remind others about yourself. A formula: IF YOU DON'T POST YOU DON'T EXIST. I disagree with it so much!
Do you ever have this strange sensation that if you don’t post, people will forget about you? You follow this feeling and you show up. Every day. And you feel like it must not stop. You must post. Maintain this fragile stream of content or it will sink into the abyss together with all the hard work you’ve done. You bring yourself together, and you share something. You know deep in your heart that this is not your best post. But what matters is to show up, right? Or does it not? Where is the balance?
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