My professional focus lies in the realms of staged and documentary portraiture, along with crafting compelling product narratives tailored for both global enterprises and local startup ventures.
Artist Statement
I am an art photographer driven by emotion and the beauty of everyday life.  Through my work, I question human existence and our relationship with nature as well as investigate my own role in society of today. Big part of my personal photography work is expressing my innermost feelings and perceptions about my roots, my search for place and culture to belong to.
Crafting intricate moods and emotional layers, I experiment with color to evoke atmosphere. I also delve into self-portraiture, using digital photography, various lenses, and lighting techniques to create immersive narratives. The realm of post-production, especially in Photoshop, captivates me. I thoroughly enjoy the ability to enhance moments and capture the essence of individuals during the editing process.​​​​​​​Drawing on my background in theatre, I find joy in directing staged shoots that yield authentic images and characters, giving life to envisioned concepts.
However, there's another facet to my artistic identity: documentary photography and street photography. Here, I embrace the unpredictability of life, hunting for moments that encapsulate the essence of existence. Through these candid pursuits, I train my eye to discern shapes, connections, parallels, and metaphors that resonate with the human experience. This amalgamation of influences and styles defines my journey as an artist, allowing me to explore the myriad facets of existence through the lens of my camera.
My career goal is to craft powerful narrative series centered around two main themes: our coexistence with nature and my personal journey as a woman who left her home country. I aim to experiment further with blending art and documentary photography, exploring the potent interplay between the two.
Awards and Features

Lensculture Critic's Choice Award Winner. Series " Aboard the sinking Titanic". June 2023.
Der Grief. Scholarship Winner. Guest Room Marina Paulenka. Balancing Belonging. Series "The way I grieve my belonging". June 2023
Photoespaña. Discoveries PHE. Portfolio review. Selected participant. May 2023
Lensculture. Portrait Awards 2023 Competition Gallery. Editor´s pick. Single image. January 2023
Lensculture. Art Photo Awards 2022 Competition Gallery. Editor´s Pick. Single image. December 2022
TIFA Tokyo International Photo Awards. Honorable Mention. Series. Photo Essay. "Bonded over the ping pong table". December 2022
Photoespaña. Open call " The portrait of one country". Finalist entry. November 2022
IPA International Photo Awards. Official Selection. Series. "Bonded over the ping pong table". October 2022
IPA International Photo Awards. One shot. Color. Honorable mention. Single image. May 2022
Lensculture. Street Photography Awards 2022 Competition Gallery. Editor´s Pick. June 2022
Docu Magazine. Selected Photographer. Docu Book Vol 34 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography. July 2023
Iconic Art Magazine. In print. Issue N.004 - Autumn/Winter 2022-23. Single image.
Best of PhotoVogue. October 2022
Best of PhotoVogue. May 2022
ImageNation Paris. Collective Exhibition. Just Women. Galerie Joseph. Paris. May 2023
Driftwood Press. Issue 4.2. Literary magazine. Print Issue Cover. 2014.
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