130 enormous hotels. Built to satisfy the demand for all-inclusive luxury vacations. Spread along the Midetterenian coast in Hammamed Tunisia. All of them are empty today. Outdated. Irrelevant. Many are already abandoned. Some are not even finished Disturbing images of giant buildings with no soul in sight impacted me so much that I could not stop but think about how irrational and shot term oriented we are as a human race. 
We build ourselves not hotels but real “mausoleums” dressed in marble. We hide there behind thick walls. Eat till we explode. Go to SPAs. Let other human beings be our servants for money. And think this is happiness. But is it? 
In April 2023 my trip to Tunisia took an unusual course after the agent made a mistake in the program. I was trapped in this magnanimous 5-star hotel in Hammamed, Tunisia with my family. And we were there alone. 
No other guests booked a room in this property or any other hotel in the area. Some locals, a couple of Dutch and German families that we saw walking along the beach. But this was it. At first, we thought it was due to Ramadan. But then I realized that it was not the only reason. And that this is only the beginning of something bigger than that. A serious economic crisis in the country of Tunisia. 3 years without rain. And in the overall crisis in the world are to blame. Russians were one of the most important parts of these hotels’ clientele. Empty restaurants, abandoned bars, and areas of the property that are clearly out of service forever. High gates and security. And many kilometers of land occupied by these “sinking Titanics”.
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