THERE IS NO BETTER TRAP THAN THE ONE YOU SET FOR YOURSELF. And by that I actually mean: what stuipid, easy to believe crap we pour into our minds sometimes. Seriousely!
My personal latest stuipid thought was this: 
An image has to be shot by an expensive camera in order to tell better stories. Full stop!
I could put my signature under it. Until in March I was suddenly hired by someone who liked my black and white series shot on guess what? You got it! My mobile phone!

I am so curious. WHAT DO YOU THINK? PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!  Can we tell better stories without a pro camera and just with the mobile phone? And if you like what you see, do you really care what device was used to create the image?  Your answers are my everything! ❤️

P. S.
Model: Rafa
Taken on: my mobile phone of course. 
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