Every city has its own rhythm. Its heart beats at a certain pace, influenced by various factors.
I love to think that it's up to me to discover the exact rhythm of my city. What are its customs, its quirks, and its favorite days of the week? Its character, its color, the timbre of its voice, and its style of dress. For example, the owner of the bar next to my house goes out to smoke every morning at five minutes to nine. And there are days when he smokes towards Mercado del Val. The smoke crosses the street and is illuminated by the sunlight that tries to slip its rays between the houses on Francisco Zarandona street. It's a photo I would like to take one day.
I still have a lot to learn. The city, like Valladolid, keeps its distance. It doesn't like to reveal all its cards on the first date. But I can be quite stubborn too. I don't give up easily.
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