IF YOU CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ( that magic motivation, that perfect formula for balance in life, that right business idea or simply that lifelong dream of yours) LOOK CLOSER! 

- Dig deeper
- Wake up earlier
- And stop checking your phone every 5 minutes. 
I know, i know. Hihi. Sounds like patronising. And we all hate it. Me included! It is not meant as such. I swear!
I love people. Talking to people. Sharing thoughts and fears. It is just that the frase "I DON'T HAVE TIME" was said to me a bit too often by all sorts of folks who are frustrated about not having time for important stuff. For stuff that is important to them not to others. It was even said to me by myself daily! I am interested. Do you here people say it often as well? Or is it just me?
In any case... Let's stop this nonsence and make a run for it a.s.a.p! ....
Ready, steady, go!
P. S.
It's been too sunny in England lately.

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