Don't let complicated tools stand on the way of your creativity. This is my motivation to create these isolation series. It is my little personal project. A challenge of my “perfectionist” syndrome. I wanted to create with my mobile phone, not with my pro camera, using stuff I have at home, in my garage, in my son's toy box, and in my rubbish bin even.
I am a pro photographer who wants to turn beginner again. Forget all the rules. Take my mobile phone and shoot meaningful stories. Why? Because I am an artist, that's why! )))
The thing is, I used the most expensive cameras on the market. I spent a lot of money on quality lenses and cameras, my friends and family will confirm this, not without tears! Like that time I spent my entire salary on a camera and had to keep its price a secret because I thought people would hate me for it. No matter how hard I tried to own the smallest camera, I still thought it was too heavy to carry around always. As a result, I was missing out on opportunities to catch moments, textures, light, and colors. Opportunities to create stories. The real thing that I cared about.
So during our confinement at home, I thought. Why not? A portrait made with my mobile phone. Simple and straight to the point without having to pull out all my expensive gear and setting it up. Without too much preparation and costly props. And I am definitely enjoying the journey of pushing my boundaries, overcoming prejudice.
I wrote texts to my image too. You can find them under the image. Some thoughts and ideas to help us all go through this together.
One day in April I was talking to my friends over Whatsup when I realised I was doing it already for over 2 hours! Then I went for a walk and what do you think happened after? I unconsciously started checking my social media, going over messages, checking emails and repeating it all over again and again like a ZOMBIE. The only thing that was missing was to start walking like one. Head to the side, jaw dropped and both hands swinging. Creepy right? This tells you exactly how I felt about it and why I wanted to change my habits and do this:
🔸Start paying attention to what is important for me, put those things first.
🔸Reduce my passive time in front of the phone to 1 hour per day in total. (And you know what? I was still able to talk to my friends and browse around.)
🔸Find easy to use creative tools inside my mobile device that could help me in my photography.
I am enjoying this process so much! And this image of Rafa with lemons is my expression of this enjoyment. Bright. Simple. And Yellow. So we both are sending you some lemony yellow happy vibes from the sunniest country in the world right now. The United Kingdom. :) 
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